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Build the antique style tool chest shown below.

antique tool chest

Antique style chest dimensions: 19-3/4" long by 10-3/4" wide by 9-5/8" high.

The tool chest shown above is a reproduction of an antique tool chest of unknown age and origin. The chest can be built in a variety of woods. To see a larger version of the chest scroll down the page.

 Build your own tool chest. The plans price is $40.00 in the USA. The antique version of the tool chest is a good beginners woodworking project in that it features just three dovetail pins per corner. The larger version of the tool chest is a more advanced level project. To purchase the tool chest plans/manual click on the above contact me button. The tool chest plans/CD manual covers the build of both the antique and larger versions of the chest.

This reproduction of the tool chest was built from Monterey Pine with a Cherry wood chest lid insert panel. The tray was built from Poplar then stained.

open tool chest

The antique tool chest is a portable chest that can be carried by one person. The chest can have other uses. One of my customers keeps some of her business papers in a version of the chest. Another version, intended as a sailboats tool chest has never left the owners living room.

The larger version of the chest is shown below. This version has room for two removable tool trays. This is a work bench chest that would probably not be moved very often. The chest show was built from Monterey Pine and Red Oak and is now used to store sewing supplies.

Large tool chest

Chest dimensions: 27-1/2" long by 16" wide by 16-5/8" high

original antique tool chest

Here is a photo of the antique tool chest.

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