Craftsman built sea chests and chest plans

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Here are more photographs of other build projects. Shown below is a Brazilian Cherry and Hard Eastern Maple sloping sided blanket chest. The plans are available from Fine Woodworking Magazine. I modified the design for this build.

Sloping sided blanket chest

This chest was built with a raised and beveled chest lid panel. The chest lid can be built with a flat panel. The next photograph shows the sliding tray built for the above blanket chest. The tray was built from Cherry and Walnut.

sliding tray

This coffee table was built for my daughter from Royal mahogany.

coffee table

The next two photographs are of a modified sea chest designed for entertainment center electronics. Two of these were build for a beach house in the Hamptons.

hamptons sea chest

open modified sea chest

The next photo is of a Walnut and Cherry wood lamp stand with a custom  made stained glass lamp shade built by stained glass artist Irene Pereira. The stand base is Hard Eastern Maple.

Stained glass lamp shade stand

Red Cedar Adirondack chair

Adirondack chair

Red Cedar foot rest for the Adirondack chair.

foot rest

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