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Build the antique style ditty box shown below.

cherry wood ditty box

Chest dimensions: 20" long by 10-7/8" wide by 7-1/4"

The sea captain's Ditty box was used to carry a ships papers during the age of sail.

Build your own Ditty box. The plans price is $25.00 in USA. The ditty box makes a good beginners project as the corner joinery does not have to be complicated. To purchase the Ditty box plans click on the above contact me button.

A version of the Ditty box built from number 2 western Pine. This project can be reasonably inexpensive if you use locally sourced woods.

closed ditty box

open ditty box

A little smaller than the antique tool chest the Ditty box is suitable as a chest for small tools or as a craft chest, or even as a small toy chest. The chest can be built from just about any wood species available.

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Prices subject to change without notice.

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