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Build your own display models of classic small wooden boats

I have developed an instruction manual for building lapstrake wooden boat models.

The price of the manual is $20.00 USD. I only send the PDF files via email. To order the boat model build instruction manual click on the contact me button. I do not include boat plans because I do not design boats; however, I do list good sources of plans such as the Smithsonian Institute which has many small boat plans at very reasonable cost.

20 foot sharpie class

The photo shown above is of a  scale model of a 20-foot class Chesapeake Sharpie from the 1800's. This model, from the jib sail to the rudder is about 54 inches long. The Walnut display table was built specifically for this boat model. There is a photograph of the table on the first photo gallery.

A 32  inch long model of a 16 foot Cid skiff sail boat is shown in the next two photographs.

Cid skiff boat model

Several woods are used in the build of the boat models. The hull planks on this model were cut from Western Red Cedar. The steam bent frames, were made from White or Red Oak. The Thwarts, seats, were made from Honduran mahogany and the floor boards were made from Monterey Pine. I often use hardwood cutoffs from the chests that I build.

boat model  interior

 I have built display models of the New Jersey Sea Bright Skiff, South Jersey beach skiff, Whitehall pulling boat, Swampscott sailing dory, Providence River cat rigged fishing boat, Chamberlain skiff, Chaisson dory, Canoe yawl Ethel, Cid skiff, 20-foot class Chesapeake Sharpie, and the Van Sant Atlantic city surf boat.


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Prices subject to change without notice.

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