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Build the blanket chest.

The plans/instruction manual price is $45.00 in the USA. The blanket chest is an advanced level woodworking project that may push your skills to a higher level. To purchase the blanket chest plans click on the above contact me button.

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curved lid Blanket chest

Chest dimensions: 33" long by 21" wide by 21-1/2 " high.

curved lid chest lid

The curved lid blanket chest shown above is based upon old fashioned steamer trunks. The joinery is post and rail with floating panels.This chest features Walnut, Black Limba, Cherry and Poplar woods. The sliding tray is show below.

Blanket chest tray

open blanket chest lid

Blanket chests are one of the earliest forms of household storage chests. Families needed some place to store blankets and bedding and a wood box of suitable size worked well. some chests had removable or sliding trays. Very often the chest was made of local woods and the styles varied considerably. They were usually fairly large chests. These chests now find their way into family and living rooms as focal point pieces of furniture. They are still functional with plenty of storage space!

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