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About the sea chests and the rest of the business. My business came about through a chance meeting at the Northwest School of Boat Building in Port Hadlock Washington back in 2004. While having lunch out on the school dock one day I had  a conversation with a student from California. To make a long story short the conversation  brought up a very old sea chest that had been in the gentleman's family for generations. He agreed to send me some photographs of the chest. 

After receiving photographs and chest dimensions a set of plans were drawn then a chest was built to figure out the assembly process. I also sent photographs of the build to Woodenboat Magazine to see if they might review my build efforts. Eventually they published a 7 page article , the September/October 2005 issue, on the building of the chest. Several readers of the article wanted to purchase the plans and that is how I got into the business of building sea chests and selling plans/instruction manuals. The photograph below shows the antique sea chest that was the inspiration for the project.

antique sea chest

A very small shop! As I am the only one working in my shop each chest or boat model gets my full attention from wood selection to shipping it to you. As you can see from the photo galleries and other web pages I have had the opportunity to build some great looking and very functional chests and other items over the last 10 years.

Gallery experience. As a member of gallery 9 in Port Townsend Washington, from 2008 through 2009, I had the great opportunity to meet and talk to many, many customers while selling my chests and boat models and working the co-op gallery check-out counter. Nothing in this endeavor beats meeting and talking to customers!  So if you see something in the pages of the web site and want to know more about it feel free to contact me.

How some of the projects came about. The tool chests came about after taking a second summer class at the school. One of the instructors had an antique tool chest. I liked what I saw and was able to take some photographs and draw dimensioned sketches. After building a few reproductions of the antique chest I decided I needed to build a larger version. That is how the plans for the larger version came about.
The curved lid blanket chest was a customers idea that evolved on my table saw bed as I was building the chest. This was a long distance, the client resides in New Jersey, project that was very satisfying. The modified sea chests for the Hamptons beach house was also a good collaboration between the client, they live in New York City, and myself.

The coffee table is a typical, "can you build one of these for me," projects for my daughter. A book case, entertainment center, and two Adirondack chairs with foot rests later I am waiting for the next, "can you build one of these for me," requests!

As a graduate of the Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding I strive to build functional chests that are also great looking pieces of furniture that will last for generations.

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