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Welcome to my shop. I build and sell sea chests, blanket chests, tool chests, ditty boxes, and wooden boat models. For the nautical enthusiast these chests make great coffee tables, toy chests, or blanket chests. There are links to three photo galleries at the bottom of the page.

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Build your own sea chest. For those of you who want to build your own chest I sell plans with step by step instruction manuals. The manuals are CD based or can be sent via e-mail. There is a chapter for every part of the chest with dozens of photographs of the build process. To purchase the plans/instruction manuals click the contact me button.

Port Orford Cedar sea chest

Chest dimensions: 39" long by 19" wide by 16-5/8"high

The sea chest shown above was made from Port Orford Cedar. This chest shows the typical dovetail and pin arrangement used on the corners of the chest.

Sea chests evolved during the age of sail when whaling expeditions lasted for years and sometimes circled the globe. The function was that of storage space, as in wardrobe, for sailors on these voyages. The chest were sturdy enough to set on and the rope handles, (Beckets). are works of art in their own right and can take many, many hours to make. Beckets were displays of a sailors proficiency at Marlinspike seamanship, (ropes, lines, and knots). The reproduction sea chests that I build are based upon and antique sea chest that is shown on the about us page.

cherry wood sea chest

The American Cherry wood sea chest shown above features 11 dovetail pins per corner. This configuration is  what  was used on the original antique sea chest. There is a photograph of the antique sea chest on the about us web page. The Beckets, (rope handles) were not made by me.

The price of the Cherry wood sea chest is $2,550.00 plus the cost of crating and shipping.

The Monterey Pine version of the sea chest, shown below, is priced at  $855.00 plus the cost of crating and shipping. The Pine sea chest is significantly less expensive due to the lower cost of the wood, and fewer dovetail pins,(6), per corner. The chest can be built in a variety of woods.

monterey pine sea chest

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If you want to discuss the building process of a sea chest or any of the other chests feel free to contact me by clicking the build quote button above. If you want to know more about my small shop click the about us button at the top of the page.

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